The teachers

Lucy Madden

My name is Lucy Madden and I teach 6th grade science at Equitas Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Equitas Academy is a charter school serving underrepresented students from the Pico Union neighborhood in downtown LA. Four years ago I taught 7th grade science in Durham, NC with Teach For America and began my experience with Letters to a Pre-Scientist. Since my first year in 2012, I took a year out of the classroom and assumed a more administrative role in Letters to a Pre-Scientist. This is my third year back since my break, and I’m excited to see the growth our organization will make this year! I am continuously amazed by the generosity of the scientists, and the inspiration and knowledge my students gain from being a part of this program!







Bridget Heneghan

My name is Bridget Heneghan and I teach sixth grade math and science at Hibbard Elementary school, a public school in Chicago. Hibbard is located in the diverse and dynamic Albany Park neighborhood, which is reflected in our student population. I earned my degree in elementary education from Illinois State University in 2012 and have been a part of opportunities such as attending Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy and participating in the Museum of Science and Industry’s School Leadership program. I love to learn about science just as much as I love to teach it. I am so excited to be a part of a program that will allow my students to see the wonder of science through a the eyes of a scientist!






Marcy Burns

I am a fifth grade Science teacher in Norwalk, Ohio.  The best thing about teaching ten and eleven year old students is guiding their curiosity and energy into discovering the world around them.   Our town is not very far from Lake Erie.  Some of my students have never seen the lake. I think it is imperative that my students learn about the place they live through inquiry to gain an appreciation for the precious fresh water resource we have in the Great Lakes.  The quality of the water in our watershed directly affects Lake Erie, and the Great Lakes affect the climate in our region.

I am happy to be a part of the Letters to a Pre-Scientist project. I hope that it will become an important link for my students to connect with scientists and their careers, and to learn about important natural resources in other parts of the world.






Sarah Henning

Hello! This is my fourth year working at Will Rogers College High School. I have always been a scientist, and became a teacher later in my career. My passion is biology, specifically systematics. I teach Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, and College Summit. WRCHS is an early-college magnet school that allows students the opportunity to take community college classes on our high school campus. Our College Summit Program is a 4-year program that progressively exposes students to college and career readiness. Most of my students will be first-generation college-goers; they know that they are “supposed” to go to college, but they do not know what going to college really means or what they want to study. I am excited for my students to be involved in Letters to a Pre-Scientist so that they will gain understanding of the diversity of careers in science that exist. Many of my students may not even realize that they are interested in science yet, but I hope that this program will begin to spark some of their passions.






Stephanie Lane

My name is Stephanie Lane and I teach seventh grade science at South Bronx  Early College Academy (SBECA), a public charter school. SBECA may be located in the poorest congressional district in the United States, but our students are rich with passion and eagerness for science. Over the past ten years my students have engaged with scientists through participating in the NYC tree census and pigeon count. We also may be the only school in the States that has a tardigrade for a mascot, “ We are waterbears. We are tiny and mighty”. I am super excited to join letters to a prescientist to increase the science exposure of my students past the ecology that I love so dearly. These guys are pumped to talk to some volcanologists and engineers.






Julie Wojnar

My name is Julie Wojnar. I am currently a fifth grade Science and Social Studies teacher in Euclid, Ohio. I have been in education for 15 years, with many of those years teaching science. I frequently work to develop creative ways to further engage my students in new learning opportunities. I am so thrilled to be involved in Letters to a Pre-Scientist this year! I look forward to the new opportunities my students will have. Participating in the program will increase the connections between their classroom learning and real world science experiences and science careers. My students are super excited too!



Tanique Origgio

My name is Ms. Origgio and I am the 4th and 5th grade Science Teacher at Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School. As teachers we strive to make our lessons engaging and interactive so that our students can be motivated to learn and be high achievers. We are located in the South Bronx, which is stated to have 35% of residents who live below the poverty line. I was also born and raised in the Bronx and I am so excited that my class can have this rare chance to correspond with pre-scientists. This opportunity allows our students to be inspired by a positive role model but most importantly creating a hope of having a better future by corresponding with someone who has achieved their dreams.