Walthers microscope
The scientist we’re spotlighting today, Chris Walthers, is a postdoc studying neuroscience/bioengineering at UCLA. He’s been a pen pal in Letters to a Pre-Scientist since its inception in 2010! Here’s Chris talking about his research- and sharing some amazing photos from it, too! Tell us about yourself! I live in Los […]

Scientist Spotlight #7: Chris Walthers

The energy that the pre-scientists feel about Letters to a Pre-Scientist doesn’t only shine through in the letters they write, but in the smiles on their faces when they receive letters, as well. Their teachers build up excitement around the program by planning letter opening parties, when all of the students in the class open […]

A letter opening party!

"Setting up a thermal infrared spectrometer built by me and my lab to take some measurements in Hawaii.  This was just a test, but ultimately this spectrometer went on to measure volcanic gas emissions at Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii!"
It’s not typically considered, but being a scientist can come with a fair share of opportunities to see the world. This might look like going to an international conference, or working internationally – like today’s Scientist Spotlight, Sarah Crites!   Tell us about yourself! Where do you live and what do […]

Scientist Spotlight #6: Sarah Crites

Sander Denham - 2
Welcome back to another Scientist Spotlight! Today, meet Sander Denham, a PhD student studying forest biology in Indiana.   Tell us about yourself! I am a first year PhD student at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. I am interested in forest ecology and the roles of water and carbon cycling between the […]

Scientist Spotlight #4: Sander Denham

Welcome back to another Scientist Spotlight feature! Today, we’re featuring Heidi Hatcher, a wildlife biologist from Alaska. Tell us about yourself! Where do you live? What do you do? I’m a wildlife biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I currently live in Gakona, Alaska, and my office is located […]

Scientist Spotlight #3: Heidi Hatcher