After reviewing mid-year feedback from our scientist pen pals, the Letters to a Pre-Scientist Executive Team realized that less than 25% of our scientists reported LPS increasing their awareness of the challenges of teaching and learning in low-income schools. In addition, many of our scientists asked for more information about our pre-scientist’s communities. We are […]

Identifying the problem

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My name is Tara Kawalec and I teach 8th grade science at Northglenn Middle School, in Northglenn, Colorado, which is just 15 minutes north of Denver.  This is my first year participating in LPS, and it certainly won’t be the last!  My students were thrilled when they received their first letter from their scientist.  As […]

Hello from Northglenn, Colorado

It’s our first Scientist Spotlight of this school year, and we’re excited to highlight 3rd-time pen pal Rachel Toczydlowski, a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin. Tell us about yourself! I live in Madison, WI and I am a PhD student in the UW Botany Department. I am interested in how wild plant populations […]

Scientist Spotlight #8: Rachel Toczydlowski

The pre-scientists wait eagerly for their letters, trickling in over weeks until every students’ letter has reached their classroom from all over the world. The anticipation builds for the date marked on the calendar when every letter is finally due to arrive and they can all finally be opened. These days – letter opening days – […]

What is letter opening day?

Bridget Heneghan is a science teacher in Chicago, and is participating in Letters to a Pre-Scientist for the second year. Here, she discusses the importance of her students being able to relate to scientists and see themselves pursuing those same careers. Since my very first year of teaching, the most noticeable thing in my classroom […]

Of course she was hardworking and creative

Emma colerain
Some members of the class of students that participated in the inaugural year of Letters to a Pre-Scientist in 2010 have now entered college! Meet Emma Hughson, a first-year college student at UNC who was in Macon Lowman’s 6th grade class when Letters to a Pre-Scientist was piloted. She explains how the program has influenced […]

Looking back: the long-term impact of LPS

Each year, we ask the teachers hosting Letters to a Pre-Scientist to each write a blog post, to give the rest of the LPS community some insight into the science education experience in the pre-scientists’ classrooms. Julie Wojnar is participating for the second year, and explains how the mission of LPS integrates into the goals she sets […]

Learning Adventures in Ohio

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For the first time this summer, Letters to a Pre-Scientist had more qualified teachers apply to host our program in their classroom than we could take on with the current structure of our organization. In addition, we have had hundreds of confirmed scientists on our wait list hoping to be matched with a pre-scientist over […]

LPS is growing – and fundraising!

Letter Opening
Welcome back to the start of another school year! We’re excited to introduce you to the teachers whose classrooms will be participating in LPS this year, so please click through the link to read their bios. For this 8th year of the program, we’ve expanded once again and are now running with 9 teachers and a […]

Welcome back!

Louisa Savereide, one of our Classroom Coordinators, went above and beyond to give the pre-scientists in Bridget Heneghan’s classroom the opportunity to see science in action – and practice being scientists themselves! – through a field trip to Northwestern University. Last winter, on one of the coldest days in Chicago, I put on about 7 […]

Pre-scientists visit Northwestern!