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The pre-scientists in Ms. Madden’s classes at Equitas Academy have had a lot of exposure to new and interesting areas of science lately. Two scientist mentors from UC Irvine visited the classroom to give guest lessons. First, Kristina Lackey taught the class about the plants, animals, and climates in the main biomes using an activity called “biome-in-a-box.” […]

Guest scientists in Ms. Madden’s classroom

  All letter-opening days are exciting for our pre-scientists.  But each one is a bit different. The first day is full of curiosity. The students don’t really know what to expect. Our teachers do their best to try and set the stage, but each student will have a very different idea of what their scientist […]

Evolving Relationships

Pen pal matches are out, and hundreds of scientists are busy writing wonderful letters for their students! If you received a match email, and haven’t started your letter yet, please don’t forget that the letters need to arrive by November 13th – that’s only a week away! If you’re looking for ideas about what to […]

Letters Away!

Thank you! The response to our call for scientist volunteers was absolutely outstanding! Over 620 scientists have signed up and requested a pen pal, which means that none of our excited students will be left out. So what happens now? This year, we have 400 students in several classrooms, eager to start chatting with scientists. […]

Matching has begun!

Do you know someone who loves science education? Someone who wants to work on a fun project with teachers and scientists? We want to meet them! Letters to a Pre-Scientist is run entirely by volunteers, and this year we’re trying something new. We are offering two unpaid internships: Social Media Coordinator and Science Classroom Program Coordinator. As […]

We’re looking for interns

Welcome to Letters to a Pre-Scientist! Notice anything different? We are so excited for the 2015-2016 school year to start, and we decided that the website could use a fresh coat of paint before getting started. We hope that visitors to our site can quickly and easily find the information they need, whether they’re using a desktop or […]

The LPS website got a makeover

All of us on the organizing team give thanks often to the scientists who donate their time and energy to Letters to a Pre-Scientist. We remind our pen pals that they are making a difference in a young person’s life. However, it seems like that the message gets across more clearly when it comes from the young people themselves. We did […]

Pre-scientists show their appreciation

It’s crazy to believe we only have about 5 more weeks left of school! We’ve been very busy in 5th grade science. We’re wrapping up our ecosystems unit this week. Students created “biobottles” and are currently competing to see which ecosystem in a bottle can survive the longest. Students collected producers, consumers, and decomposers from […]

Ecosystems & Gravity Games

As letters are piling up and we are preparing for letter opening day #3, my students are becoming more and more excited. They ask me every day if it is time to open pen pal letters yet. It is just as exciting opening letters in February as it is in September. With that being said, […]

The Excitement Never Ends