Thank you to everyone who donated during our first fundraising campaign in October and November! All together, we were able to raise $6,930 – 46% of our goal!


What will my donation help support?

$15 buys a book of stamps and ships it to a teacher to ensure the pre-scientists can mail their letters.
$25 pays for the background check of one scientist so they can volunteer in a classroom.
$50 supports one pre-scientist/scientist pair for one year.
$100 funds the materials for a hands-on science lab, such as a dissection or an engineering design challenge, in one classroom.
$250 rents a bus to take one class of students on a science field trip.
$500 funds videography equipment so that we can create educational videos for teachers to use to enhance science education in their classroom.
$1000 contributes to the cost of the first Letters to a Pre-Scientist conference, which will train our teachers and coordinators.


What do I get in return?

First and foremost, the knowledge that you are helping a generation of underserved middle school students learn about STEM careers, practice their writing skills, and make a personal connection with a scientist. However, in addition, we are offering small rewards as a thank you to those who donate, which we will contact you about via email.


Donors of large amounts ($500 and up) could consider mailing a check, to avoid high credit card processing fees. Please email if you are considering this option.